Money ↔ Values check

The many galvanizing moments of 2020 have consistently reminded us to shop local, prioritize BIPOC business owners, and think about our footprint with every purchase. So I'm recommitting to some of my favorite resources and wanted to share here:

  • HiveBoxx - A fantastic [black-owned] local resource for renting rugged, sanitized, reusable crates that will make your move SO much easier. No more Trader Joe's box begging or collapses at the most inopportune time!
  • The Works for DIY classes and kits fitting all kinds of interests
  • Package-free groceries and zero-waste products at Scoop Marketplace and Public Goods & Services
  • Velouria, a womxn-owned shop with a focus on local, sustainable goods and makers
  • Footprint Wine Tap – sustainable keg wines on tap!
  • Saigon Siblings restaurants for pure Vietnamese deliciousness
  • Get your next caffeine fix at The Station on Beacon Hill