Where to focus your energy

retro cartoon gif of cleaning

A good "power hour" will get you past the basic surface cleaning and random piles (I like to set mine to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, just like when I was a kid). But what else is worth your time? Here are a few critical priorities to consider:

Clean for your health:
  • Air quality - how are your furnace/AC ducts, filters, and vents? Remember, the air you're breathing passes through there, so prioritize getting those professionally cleaned or Google how to replace and refresh. Also, now's a great time to order your air purifier BEFORE fire season.
  • Appliance operation - Are grimy/full dryer ducts, fridge coils, or dishwasher drains making them less energy efficient or shortening their lives? Make sure you clean them annually, according to manufacturer instructions
  • Dry home - Now is a great time to walk around your house and inspect downspouts (which you already have directing water AWAY from your foundation, or tied into the store water drain, right??), gutters, and drains. Bonus points for checking the attic/roof/chimney for leaks, mold/moss, etc.


Let's protect your health and your investment by keeping your home dry, your appliances fully functioning, and your air quality as high as possible! If you need recommendations for vendors or tools, you know where to find me.