picture of yellow sign with phrase "Are You Ready?" in the middle in all capital letters. Background is a photo of a cloudy blue sky and trees.

Whether you're feeling anxious after watching a disaster unfold in another part of the country/world or you've just experienced a crisis yourself, you suddenly feel more motivated to get that disaster plan and resources assembled! So where to start?

  1. Run through the disaster preparedness checklists from a place like Good Housekeeping or Ready.gov.
  2. Connect to your local resources, including the City of Seattle Emergency Management Hub.
  3. Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors to understand your collective resources and make a plan in case of emergencies—and make sure you get everyone's contact information!
  4. Make a calendar reminder to check your supplies at least once per year, discarding expired food, replacing batteries as needed, and making sure everything is in working order.
  5. Consider what might make YOU feel safe in a crisis. Is it making sure your pet is cared for? Knowing how to contact your elderly mother? Having the medication you may need? You might want to take special measures to ensure these boxes are checked for your peace of mind.

There are so many resources for emergency/crisis/disaster preparedness online and through local city governments. Which have you found most helpful?