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Your home is likely your biggest asset, so you deserve to sell it with care and confidence. With a trusted broker like Eva on your side, you’ll be empowered for its optimal sale with valuable insights on presentation, marketing, contract negotiation, and closing. No matter the reason for your sale, Eva will support you throughout the process so you can focus on what comes next.


Assemble Your Team Every successful real estate transaction is built on the trust between broker and client. Eva will take the time to meet with you and get to know your personality, wants and needs for the sale. She can also recommend trusted contractors and provide resources for understanding the real estate market.Initial Consultation At the initial consultation, Eva will visit your home with "buyers' eyes" to understand the best approach for pre-listing upgrades and valuation. Based on your needs and preferred timeline, Eva will develop a plan for the sale that will work best for you. She will also review past/current inspection reports, title reports, and other records to anticipate any issues or opportunities. Get Ready to Sell Selling a home can be an emotional process, so it’s important to prepare yourself for the sale. This is a good time to make sure you have clear goals in mind and an understanding of what a successful sale looks like for you personally.

Complete updates Eva will help you do the work needed to present your home in its best light. Grounded in the best return on investment, Eva will work to connect you with vendors to complete repairs & upgrades, clean the home thoroughly, and maximize curb appeal. She can also help you access programs like Windermere Ready to help pay for repair costs with no up-front investment. Stage Your Home Staging is a critical step in creating the right buyer experience. Skilled designers will place furniture, art & objects to make your home shine and highlight its best features. Staging helps buyers imagine themselves living in the home, and set the stage for the most attractive property photos for your listing and marketing materials.Marketing Once your home is ready for buyers, Eva will create impactful marketing materials, including informational flyers, maps of local amenities, eye-catching postcards, and immersive digital assets for your listing. All the materials will feature stunning photography designed to grab buyers’ attention.

Pricing Your Home The difference between success and frustration often comes down to pricing your home right for today's market. Eva will utilize market analysis, current buyer insight, and years of expertise to help you understand the context for your property's sale. Armed with the latest data from comparable home sales, Eva will help you decide on a fair market price that will get buyers in the door and earn the highest possible return on investment.Open Houses Once your house is officially listed, it’s time to welcome in the public and prospective buyers! Open houses encourage neighbors, brokers, and curious folks to look beyond the online listing and potentially fall in love. Offer Review After you’ve listed your home, Eva will prepare you to receive offers from interested buyers, establishing a relationship with buyer brokers and doing the due diligence needed to identify a strong offer. You'll work together to understand the finer points of the contract and the best strategy for negotiation. Eva will hold the process as you come to an agreement with the right buyer and complete all the steps toward closing.

Inspections and Contingencies Eva will help you navigate any buyer contingencies, keeping you updated on progress and requests and liaising among parties to keep the transaction moving forward. She will support you in any additional negotiations and keep you focused on the best—and most realistic—outcome. Finally, Eva will ensure all financial and contractual steps are completed on the road to closing. Sign Documents Eva will guide you as you connect with escrow to complete all the necessary paperwork and receive the funds from the transaction. She will also ensure that the buyer funding and signing process is on track, and take care of any loose ends with the home. Move Out Upon completing the closing process, you’ll hand over the keys—then it’s time to plan for the next endeavor. Eva can recommend local moving resources, as well as junk removal and recycling services. She’s also here for you whenever you decide to purchase another home.

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