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How To Always a good time for emergency prep! Whether you’re feeling anxious after watching a disaster unfold in another part of the country/world or you’ve just experienced a crisis yourself, you suddenly feel more motivated to get that disaster plan and resources assembled! So where to start? Run through the disaster preparedness checklists from a place like Good Housekeeping or Connect to […]
Buying + Selling in Seattle Own-to-Rent Rather than the typical “move-up” buyer of the past, who sold their previous home upon buying a larger one, these days many Seattle-ites [who can afford it] are instead turning their first home into a rental. There’s a LOT to keep in mind, however, when making the change—including regulations on short-term rentals, the city’s RRIO program, and current […]
How To Launching a Remodel COUNTERS & FAUCETS & FRIDGES, OH MY! I made a Pinterest board (see above, I’m not afraid to be hipster basic), which most contractors and designers say is the best place to start collecting inspiration and creating a cohesive vision. I created a rough budget ($10-12k) after talking with friends, colleagues, and inspectors, and reading […]
How To All about that egress THE WAY OUT Code requirements for egress An egress window is large enough for entry or exit in case of an emergency. If you’re finishing a basement or adding a bedroom, you may want to take into account the building code for both safety and resale value. Does that mean a basement bedroom without an “egress-able” window […]
Buying + Selling in Seattle Ten simple ways to increase curb appeal You’ve seen lists of easy upgrades in magazines and good ol’ HGTV. But there are some accessible tips and tricks specific to the Seattle market that you should know, whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to spruce it up without breaking the bank! My top 10 curb appeal tricks: Add […]
How To Rid and Recycle RID & RECYCLE Where to ditch the unwanted stuff Every spring when we emerge from our winter hibernation, it seems there’s more personal junk to offload than ever before. While some of the usual suspects-hello, Dearborn or Ballard Goodwills-often have long lines these days, you can take advantage of lesser-known resources to clear the way. […]
Money + Market Getting creative with your money MEANS TO MOVE Getting creative with your $ The pandemic and low mortgage interest rates have spurred some folks to seek more space, while others have leveraged their free time & reduced travel to make some home improvements. I’ve talked to a lot of folks trying to figure out their next, smartest money move, and […]
How To Robust Cleaning! ROBUST CLEANING Where to focus your energy A good “power hour” will get you past the basic surface cleaning and random piles (I like to set mine to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, just like when I was a kid). But what else is worth your time? Here are a few critical priorities to consider: […]
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